Mission Statement - "What We're About"

We provide quality entertainment, and a happy experience for audiences,
a good price and a great value.

We salute the remarkable career and music of the extraordinary Elvis Presley, who not
only revolutionized popular music (in the process bringing great joy to countless millions
across the globe), but who will continue to entertain millions for generations to come
through his incredible body of work.  

We celebrate Elvis and strive to remind audiences of the magical years of his life - our
show is always respectful of Elvis, while reflecting the fun and sense of humor that Elvis
fans know and love.
About us..
Advantages: Greg has invested in a versatile, professional Elvis-style wardrobe and props
covering each era of his career, and in a huge selection of professional quality
accompaniment music that sounds like Elvis' musicians, as well as quality sound
equipment. Few Elvis tribute artists can match his combination of versatility, knowledge of
the Elvis song catalog, and vocal ability.
Press/P.R.: Greg has been
interviewed by the Houston Chronicle,
Montgomery County Observer, Sam
Malone of 104 KRBE radio, and others,
and continues to build on a loyal
Background: Greg became an Elvis fan at age 9,
& began imitating Elvis at the tender age of 11,
3 years before Elvis' untimely passing. He began
entertaining audiences on a professional basis
about six years ago, having invested literally
thousands of hours rehearsing material and
studying The King
We have a show to meet your needs
We have a show to fit your budget
If we're already scheduled, we'll find someone else for you
Greg is a versatile Elvis performer and
singer of considerable ability. A
longtime fan of Elvis's, Greg displays
extraordinary passion and sings from
the heart in shows designed to
thoroughly entertain audiences -
whether the occasion is a birthday
party or your company's annual